Atalan tutorial

This tutorial will use just basic printing, so the examples do not specify a platform to use. To compile the examples for the platform you prefer, use -p switch on command line.

If you have no software to run the compiled examples, use con6502 platform.

The first application, we are always obliged to write in a new language is "Hello World!". So here it is:

"Hello, World!" "" "I'm Atalan."

That was easy :-) Atalan prints any text in double quotes (string) to display on separate line. What does it mean to print a text depends on a platform, we use, but generally, result should be simmilar.

If you write variable name enclosed in square brackets inside string, it's contents will be printed.

a = 10 b = 20 c = a + b "Sum of [a] and [b] is [c]."

Note, that is is not necessary to declare variables. Type of variable is inferred from the expressions.

You can use expressions directly in print command.

a = 10 b = 20 "Sum of [a] and [b] is [a + b]."