Atalan is new high level experimental programming language for system programming. It is meant to be used for development on 8bit computers like Atari 800, C64, ZX Spectrum and other small (embedded) systems etc.

Compiler is rule driven and extremely retargettable. It is very easy to add support for new platform and it is possible to provide support for new CPU without touching the compiler source code. Programmers can easily provide support for new data types or operators.

Atalan is cross-platform development system. Compiler runs on desktop machine (Windows, Linux, OSX - it is developed just using ANSI C, so porting to other systems should be straightforward).


When I say Atalan is a work in progress, I mean it. There are bugs, features may go missing or appear erratically, semantics may evolve. I shape the Atalan according to my needs and ideas about ideal (or at least good) programming language. Some of the Atalan features are highly experimental (for example type inferencer or rule driven translation).

If you are looking for a stable development tool and have no desire to be involved in the development of the programming language, you have to look somewhere else. If you feel adventurous, you are most welcome to come and play with Atalan.

Language Features